Central Baths,Wolverhampton

A fantastic show from these swimmers at the Shropshire county championships this weekend, and last weekend. Every swimmer bettered their personal best times in every event that they competed in, a tough challenge for any swimmer, making their club and coach proud to be associated with Ludlow swimming. Well done guys and gals!! 

The Shropshire County Age Group Championships are the most prestigious event in the Shropshire swimming calendar, allowing swimmers from all clubs to compete for the title of County Champion in their event. It is also a great chance to gain real race experience in a friendly environment, and gain qualifying times for even further events like the Midlands (regional) Championships. The Top 3 swimmers in each event get a medal to celebrate their achievement, and all swimmers are recognised for their participation. The event will be held over two weekends – 21st-22nd February and 28th-1st March 2015 at Wolverhampton Central Baths.