PB BUSTER 24th/25th November

This is a must do event in the Ludlow swimming clubs calendar if you have any question please speak to Sandra and check out the info in the below documents.

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In a thrilling weekend of swimming, Ludlow Swimming Club members achieved excellent results on the weekend of 23/24 June 2018.

Results were as follow:

Girls 200 IM
Tess Tinsley  4th position PB 2.54.63
(Kaelan Griffiths Sergeant, unfortunately disqualified)
Girls 100 BRST
Erin Morris 4th position PB 1.51.14
Boys 200 Backstroke
Edward Morris Silver PB 3.07.14
Girls 100 Butterfly
Tess Tinsley Gold PB 1.21.17
Kaelan Griffiths Sergeant Bronze PB 1.32.38
Boys 200 BRST
Kaleb Herbert 5th PB 3.43.77
Girls 100 Backstroke
Erin Morris 7th PB 1.42.77
(Evie Humphreys and Imogen Ingle, unfortunately disqualified)
Boys 100 Freestyle
Tham James 25th PB 1.48.32
Darragh Frith 11th PB 1.28.35
George Townsend 15th PB 1.31.00
Isaak Herbert 11th PB 1.23.30
Toby Lloyd 7th PB 1.19.24
Edward Morris Silver PB 1.20.76
Emerson Love 6th 1.18.75 (equaled PB)
Charlie Banford 6th PB 1.06.07
Sam Millington Marsh Gold 59.97
Boys 100 IM
Sam Lloyd 6th PB 1.40.71
Emerson Love 6th PB 1.35.01
Isaak Herbert 7th PB 1.38.76
George Townsend 10th 1.46.30 (slightly off PB)
Toby Lloyd Bronze PB 1.33.72
Boys 200 Freestyle
Isaac Herbert 6th PB 3.18.36
(Edward Morris, unfortunately disqualified)
Boys 100 BRST
Sam Lloyd 5th PB 1.54.41
Kaleb Herbert 4th PB 1.46.59
Emerson Love 7th 1.54.13 (slightly off PB)
Toby Lloyd  7th 1.52.76 (slightly off PB)
Edward Morris Silver 1.49.94
Girls 200 Freestyle
Oona Herbert 7th PB 3.08.24
Tess Tinsley Gold PB 2.31.78
Eleanor Cox 6th PB 2.48.31
Boys 100 Butterfly
Sam Millington Marsh Gold PB 1.06.91
Boys 100 Backstroke
Sam Lloyd 8th PB 1.44.67
Isaak Herbert 4th PB 1.35.72
Edward Morris Gold PB 1.26.84
Darragh Frith Bronze  1.40.08 (slightly off PB)
Toby Lloyd 4th PB 1.32.96
Sam Millington Marsh Gold PB 1.08.68
Girls 100 Freestyle
Holly Morris 14th PB 1.33.34
Faye Carnell Silver PB 1.19.24
Oona Herbert 5th PB 1.22.50
Erin Morris 11th PB 1.27.68
Girls 100 IM
Faye Carnell Gold PB 1.32.62
Oona Herbert Silver PB 1.32.71
Eleanor Cox 7th PB 1.30.43
(Erin Morris and Holly Morris, unfortunately disqualified)

So, a good weekend’s swimming all round, with some thrilling results.  A fitting finale to Ludlow’s competitive Open Season.  See you all at the final round of the Mercia League!



Last session Friday 20 July 2018 – First Session of New Season Saturday 4 August 2018

Just a brief message to let you know about the Summer Closures, as detailed above.

It is advisable that younger swimmers particularly take a break from swimming at some point in the year, and the Summer is a great time to do this, given the light nights and long days. Outdoor activities such as cycling, walking and running are great ways to stay in shape and keep fit, ready for the new season. It is also a good idea to give yourselves some emotional recovery time as the gala season is pretty full on, so be gentle with yourselves and rest a recover ready for the start of the new training year.

Have a great Summer!!


Mercian League Round 2 Nuneaton 9th June The Pingles Stadium

The next round of the Mercian league is at The Pingles Stadium Post code CV11 4LX warmup 6.00p.m 


Ponds Forge Sheffield (50m) September 15th & 16th

The 38th Robin Hood Open Meet 2018

We are trying to target a Long Course (50m pool) Open meet and the one in mind is at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, home of the UK Swimming Championships to be held on the 15th & 16th September 2018.
Due to this being a Long Course event it will not be suitable for all our swimmers and advise should be sought from Sandra our Head Coach.
Full details are available through the official website link below


Mercian League Round 1 Report

A really exciting weekend for Ludlow Swimmers, during which a team from (Read More)



At the request of the Head Coach and her team it has been suggested that all Improvers, Junior and Senior Swimmers attend all Swim Sessions with the following equipment to ensure that they utilise, to the maximum, their actual pool time ‘in the water and swimming’ rather than hunting around to find the correct fitting equipment provided by the club / Teme Leisure.
On top of the basics of Swimsuit – trunks or ‘Jammers’ for boys, plain costumes for girls, correctly fitting Goggles, Hat (LSC hats are available poolside) and Water Bottle – as a bare minimum we would request the following equipment

All of the above, and more are available at many websites such as Simplyswim if you go to our easyfundraising page HERE and login yourself in then look for Simplyswim the club can get back upto 2.5% of your purchase. if you’d like to know more about easyfundraiser see link below.

It is hoped that once established, the club could run an ‘exchange’ system, especially for training fins as swimmers grow and need larger ones. 

For further advice, please contact Sandra or a member of her coaching team.


Easy ways to raise money for the club… Check it out here THIS IS A MUST DO FOR THE CLUB PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK AND WATCH THE VIDEO IT’S EASY!!!!!

Shropshire County Champs 2018 Report

A recent year’s record number of swimmers from Ludlow Swimming Club achieved County Qualifying times for the 2018 event, and were successful in securing personal best times for their profiles on Swim England.

Swimmers making finals in their events were; Jack Forrester 100 Backstroke – 50 Backstroke, Oliver Morgan 100 Backstroke- 50 Backstroke,  200 Backstroke, Emerson Love 100 Freestyle- 50 Freestyle- 100 Backstroke, Edward Morris 100 Breaststroke- 100 Individual Medley -50 Backstroke-100 Backstroke, Toby Lloyd 100 Breaststroke- 50 Breaststroke- 100 Backstroke, Tess Tinsley 100 Butterfly- 50 Butterfly – 100 Backstroke -100 Individual Medley – 100 Freestyle- 200 Freestyle,   Amelia Osborn 50 Butterfly, Evie Humphreys 50 Backstroke, Isla Clarke – 100 Breaststroke, Rebecca Morgan 200 Backstroke- 100 Butterfly – 50 Backstroke, Eleanor Cox 50 Backstroke, Sam Millington Marsh 100 Breaststroke.

Competition was fierce at this year’s event, and, the Ludlow swimmers performed brilliantly under pressure, with Tess Tinsley and Oliver Morgan both finishing with a Bronze medal apiece.

Also attending were, Sam Lloyd, Lily Churchett, Erin O’Shea, Philippa Price, Tilly Weaver, George Townsend, Tom George, Sarah Gray, Ellie Evans, Kaelan Griffiths Sargeant, Anna Booker, Charlie Banford, Oona Herbert, Isaak Herbert, John Griffiths, Olivia Smith, Holly Morris and Faye Carnell.

Head Coach, Sandra Burgess reported “ I would like to say a huge Well Done to everyone who attended.  You were a credit to our club and should be proud of what you have achieved.

New Dates For Your Diary

Wyvern League

Sun. 25th February  2018 Hereford  Leisure Pool Postcode HR27RQ Time 4.30pm warmup
Saturday 24th March 2018 Pontypool  Leisure Pool Postcode NP4 8AT Time 5.00pm warmup 

Saturday  21st April 2018 Newport Leisure Pool Postcode NP20 1UH Time 1.00pm warmup

Mercian Summer League – Venues: t.b.c.

Saturday       28th April 2018                     SNOWDOME TAMWORTH  6pm

Saturday       9th June 2018                                   (from 6pm)

Saturday       14th July 2018                                  (from 6pm)

(formerly ASA Development Meet) 

Saturday / Sunday 23rd/24th June 2018           Venue: Wolverhampton Baths

National Arena League – Venues: t.b.c. 

Saturday       13th October 2018                         (from 6pm)

Saturday       10th November 2018                     (from 6pm)

Saturday       8th December 2018                       (from 6pm)

Club Championships – Venue: Teme Leisure – Ludlow 

T.B.C. November 2018 (subject to change to October – LOOK OUT FOR FUTURE MESSAGES) 


The final day of the Club Champs has been completed, all swimmers swam well with a high racing spirit. Well done to everyone, a huge thank you to all officials that have volunteered their time to make the event happen.

A total of 19 club records were broken seen HERE

All time can now be seen HERE

SwimMark Essential Club

SwimMark-Essential-Club-RGB (1)
Just to let you know that the club has now been notified of our new accreditation as SwimMark Essential Club Membership (formerly Swim21). Well Done all involved


Volunteers wanted for committee members and poolside volunteers urgently to ensure succession at the club. Please get in contact with Chairman@ludlowsc.org.uk.

New Members Taster Sessions

We offer sessions to improve your child’s ability, stamina and fitness, from learning to swim to competitive swimming.
If you join your first 3 sessions are free.

We are a voluntary run club using ASA qualified coaches and teachers
If you are interested in attending these sessions please email
Booking is necessary