Oversee management of LSC
Sarah Smythe:

Head coach
Provide advice on swimming training
Nathan Bradford:

Admissions secretary
For information about joining the club please contact

Club secretary
Arrange Committee & meetings
Jeanette Price:

Membership secretary
Register members with ASA/ Collect fees
Jeanette Price:

Swim 21 Co Coordinator
Update and Maintain LSC registration with Swim 21
Jeanette Price:

Financial Management
Sarah Smythe:

Disability Liaison Officer
Liaise with ASA & swimmers on matters relating to disabled swimmers
Arthur Bayliss:

Welfare Officers
Welfare of LSC swimmers & liaise with ASA on welfare issues.
Dave Carnell:

School Liaison Officer
Work with local education provider.
Lori Orme:

Workforce Co – Coordinator
Recruitment & organisation of volunteers.
Alison Martin:

Public Relations Officer
Manage external Communications (website) & Promotions
Matt Morgan:

Other Committee Members

Rachel Morris

Suzie Morris

Katie Morris

Tracy Woods